Automatic screw capping machine for EU countries and non-EU countries




Two versions are available:

Low version (AAB) for containers max 220 mm high, diameter up to max 150 mm

High version (AAA) for containers max 350 mm high, diameter up to max 150 mm

Operating procedure of the machine (EU countries):

  • Switch the electrical box on by using the master switch
  • Place the container with its cap on the plate of the container holder
  • Push simultaneously the buttons on the machine side
  • The closing head will rotate and the plate of the container holder will draw an ascending-descending movement
  • When the plate is in its lowest position, release the buttons and replace the container


AABheight 96cmwidth 35cmdepth 55cmweight Kg 55

AAAheight 110cm width 35cmdepth 55cmweight Kg 60

Output: about 500/600 units/hour.

To avoid injuries due to possible breakage of the glass containers, the machine is supplied with a protective mask.

The version above described is provided with EU card, compliance certificate, instruction manual as well as tools to carry out the setting indicated on the instruction manual.

Depending on the customer’s needs the machine can be equipped with closing heads with two rollers, three rollers or four rollers; closing heads are interchangeable on the same machine.

Aluminium caps of different diameters (from 18 mm up to 38 mm) completed with several kinds of seals (normal, Drop Stop, etc.) can be closed. Caps for gassy liquids cannot be processed.

The motor installed is single-phase (220 V) or three-phase (380 V).

For non-EU countries the machine is provided with foot starting control.




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